New solution for two WD200E drilling together

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In September 2022, Wuxin face drilling rig WD200E, which equipped with two articulated booms, entered the Hou'an Tunnel of Shenbai High-speed Railway for construction. In order to catch up with the construction period, the project party decided to use two WD200E units to drill together. With high construction efficiency and stable output, this new solution of “Two-Drilling-Rig work together” has been highly recognized by customers.


Hou'an Tunnel of Shenbai High-speed Railway, which located in Fushun City, Liaoning Province, northeast China, is a single-hole two-way tunnel, also the longest tunnel in the section constructed by China Railway 16th Bureau Group, with a total length of 9,125 meters. Its ramp tunnel is in a high latitude and cold area, with a total length of 880 meters long and a comprehensive slope of 10%. There are special geological conditions such as shallow burial on the surface, fault fracture zone of surrounding rock, and roadway crossing the iron ore pits.


At present, there are 4 WD200E working in turn on 2 cross sections of the left and right holes in Hou’an Tunnel. In the past 4 months, the equipment has been used for tunnel blast hole, anchor hole and elevation arch construction. The efficiency of single hole drilling of WD200E is equivalent to 5-6 times of manual drilling, it takes 3.5 hours on average to complete the construction of a full-face cross section, with a maximum footage of 4.7 meters in a single cycle, which is 2.2 meters more than manual drilling.



This new solution gives full play to the advantages of the WD200E, which is versatile, flexible, economic and efficient, also large one-time footage. Wuxin continues making contribution to the national railway constructions.

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