Wuxin No.32 shotcrete machine, single unit workload exceeds 200,000 cubic meters

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In Dec 2022, Wuxin’s No. 32 shotcrete machine CHP25B, manufactured in 2014 as the predecessor of CHP30F A7, still serves in Datian Tunnel of Wenyu Railway project in Zhejiang Province.

Since the departure from factory in 2014 , the No.32 shotcrete machine has served 9 transportation lines, including West-Chengdu Railway, Lalin Railway, Liuwei Expressway, Baoping Expressway, Chengkun Railway, Taijiao Railway, etc., and travelled between 15 tunnel sites in 10 provinces. So far, its workload has exceeded 200,000 cubic meters and no major repairs in 5-6 years.


No. 32 machine is a typical representative of the durability of Wuxin shotcrete machines. In nearly ten years, we have gone through numerous tests and experiments, in order to continuously improve the stability of our products by optimizing our design, manufacturing and service.

1. Manufacturing: Dozens of production processes, 28 quality inspection procedures.

2. Debugging: 60 hours of continuous debugging, 10 million times of boom fatigue test to ensure high quality factory.

3. R&D: Seven generations of product upgrades, in-depth development and testing of core components.

4. Service: More than 300 service team staff are on call 24 hours a day at 52 after-sales service points nationwide.

High efficiency in continuous operation


Wuxin No. 231 served the Changle Mountain Tunnel of Quning Railway, the longest tunnel in Zhejiang Province, in June 2016.

In order to meet the deadline, Wuxin Shotcrete machine worked continuously in the Changle Mountain tunnel for up to 19 hours per day, a single unit of shotcrete up to 3,200 cubic meters per month. In 2018, the Changle Mountain Tunnel was completed 40 days ahead of schedule.

Strong adaptability to extreme working conditions


Harbin-Mu Passenger Line: The lowest temperature is -27°C, and the length of bad surrounding rocks accounts for 95%.


Xinjiang Afuzhun Railway: Located in a high latitude and cold region, via shallow buried soft surrounding rock geology, with a maximum snowfall of 94 cm.


Sichuan-Tibet Railway Yigong Tunnel: The longest railway tunnel under construction in China (42.5 km), with a maximum elevation of 4,351 meters and a maximum burial depth of 1,610 meters.


Xinjiang Wuyu Expressway Tianshan Tunnel: the world's longest expressway tunnel under construction, with a maximum burial depth of 1112.6 meters, rock burst, sudden surge of water, and large deformation of soft rocks occur frequently.

Since first introduction into the market 11 years ago, Wuxin shotcrete machine has won the Second Prize of Scientific Progress in Hunan Province and the Second Prize of China Machinery Industry Technology in 2022.We will continue to promote product optimization and upgrading in the future.

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