Wuxin shotcrete machine creates records in the construction of Suichuan-Dayu highway

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Three shotcrete machines of Wuxin Equipment were at the construction site of Suichuan-Dayu highway, a key project in Jiangxi Province, participating in the construction of the Hongxing Tunnel, the Dashimen Tunnel, the Lianqun Tunnel and the Yangmingshan Tunnel.


Suichuan-Dayu Highway Project had the highest bridge-tunnel ratio (up to 56%), the highest pier (up to 126 meters), the longest single-link continuous rigid-frame bridge (single-link 856 meters), the highest fill (up to 72.3 meters), the highest single kilometer cost (193 million yuan per km). All 5 records were the highest in the history of Jiangxi highway construction. The project had a total of 18 tunnels, including four extra-long tunnels with a total length of about 127 kilometers, it adopted two-way four lanes with a design speed of 100 km/h and a total investment of about 24.45 billion yuan.

Among them, the Hongxing Tunnel, was the second longest tunnel and one of the key control projects on the entire line of Suichuan-Dayu Highway, with a total length of 4.55 kilometers, it was a two-way four-lane separate ultra-long tunnel. The line needed to cross a variety of strata. The construction was successfully completed under high difficulty and high safety risks because of tunnel rock fragmentation, poor cavity formation and excessive groundwater.

During the construction period, the Wuxin after-sales service team adhered to the service concept of creating value for customers, stood by the construction site 24 hours a day, and always paid attention to the use of equipment to ensure that the equipment could work out 40-50 cubic meters per day.

For the past 10 years, Wuxin shotcrete machine has been winning praise in the market for its high efficiency, stability, durability and intelligence. Wuxin will continue to manufacture high quality products.

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